Release Mission generates and plans to generate income through the following means:

  1. 15% Release Christian Churches contributions. Each church contributes 15% of its tithes, voluntary offerings and any other donations that is not specified.
  2. Partners for Wholistic Development Company: Paid Consultancy. This is a company of professionals that will provide consultancy services to private and public organizations and part of the income will be allocated to support our ministries and programs. We are under mobilization of these professionals.
  3. Tent-making by professionals and contributing parts of their incomes.
  4. Initiation of pure businesses for missions and development.
  5. Food storing in Minembge: Kabela Model of food collection and storages. Stores will be built in all villages and foods stored during harvests and sold during high price times.
  6. Acquire arable land and engage in agriculture and products sold to support RIM programs.
  7. Partner churches, ministries and organizations.
  8. Project proposals.
  9. Individual commitments.
  10. Technological based revenue models?

The above are some of the many ways that are planned to be explored. Other sources of income will be devised to generate income to support the RIM ministries and programs.